2011/2012 Yearbook Sport


The local season ended on December 12, 2011, with the belated Round 8 and with Maina Wanjigi taking the MX50 class championship on 468 points. Jesse Waithaka finished second on 436 points. Rolf Kihara – who rode aggressively claimed the MX65 class title. Rolf won six out of nine races, collected 478 points against Jeremy Waithaka’s 395. Jeremy won three races. Apollo Mbuki was unchallenged at his MX85 specialty despite skipping the belated 8th round, which wrapped up the series.

Mbuki also missed the season opener and looked trim on his jumps and cornering. On the last race, the belated eighth, Mbuki tried his hand on the MX2 class and finished third behind winner Tutu Maina and champion Cruze Muigai. Ivan Guya was the most outstanding of them all not having dropped a single heat and winning the MX125 championship with two races to spare. This incidentally happened when Guya went to Kampala for the FIM Africa Motocross round two action where he fell off his KTM bike and injured his hand.

Mwai Kibaki was second and Ted Wanday 3rd. Cruze Muigai was the star attraction and the fastest rider on the Jamhuri Park circuit. The combined heats featuring MX125, MX2 and MX1 was a real crowd puller. Shivam Vinayak had to be at his best to fend off daredevil Cruze. Shivam resorted to the new Kawasaki Monster Energy bike bought in South Africa but continued to use his Yamaha 450 and 250 bikes. The return of veteran Franscesco Checchni in MX1 was a big boost. Checchni won the 9th round, which also served as the last round of the FIM regional championship.

With Car and General coming on board as title sponsors, one of the positives of the 2011 season was the rising numbers of newcomers joining the sport. The dimunitives’ class also featured newcomers including Nicholas Molyneux, Dylan Mutahu, Tai Wahome, Jet Takkunen and Tendo Karago. Newcomers in MX2 were Randall Kihara, Danilo Pucci while in MX65 first-timers were Sudev Rathod, Marco Sher, Christian Chege. Ngugi Waweru was also new in MX85.

The rivalry pitting Kenya and Uganda in the FIM Africa regional Championship was a major draw. The fast-rising Ugandan riders made Kenyans pull up their socks. Israeli-born Ugandan Asaf Natan and his compatriot Arthur Blick Jnr ensured Shivam had to fight to win. But Shivam Vinayak lived up to expectation in MX1 by sealing victory with 464 points ahead of Charles Mugo on 347.

Sibling rivalries was revved up in the season – Jesse Waithaka was second in MX50 and Jeremy Waithaka also second in MX65. Dekker Kihara finished 3rd in MX50 and his elder brother Randall Kihara taking the MX65 title. Randall also made his debut at MX2. The father and son rivalry pitting Moses and his son Charles Mugo in MX1 also added spice to the season.

The 2011 champions were:
Mx50-Maina Wanjigi;
Mx65-Rolf Kihara
Mx85-Apollo Mbuki
Mx125-Ivan Guya
Mx2-Cruze Muigai
Mx1-Shivam Vinayak
Shivam Vinayak
Enduro 125-Shaun Miller
Quads- Shazar Anwar
Keith Henrie
Charles Mugo.