2011/2012 Yearbook ICT and Media

Information and Communications

Kenya’s profile as an ICT hub in Africa is on the rise, with the telecommunications industry being the major growth vehicle, driven mainly by the mobile telephony market, whose subscriber base has reached 28 million and internet subscribers stand at more than six million

Kenya’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry has seen a major turnaround in the past few years. This is driven largely by an explosive growth in mobile phone technology, with new innovations such as the world’s first mobile money transfer service, M-Pesa. After nearly 13 years of liberalisation, the ICT sector posted record levels of growth, increasing its contribution to the Kenyan economy. The industry’s growth can be attributed to sustained investment by both the public and private sector, and Kenya now has access to an exceptional range of industryspecific investment options, telecommunications infrastructure, as well as a vibrant and open print and broadcast media industry.

The country has also moved to strengthen its offering in value-added IT services, with the robust business process outsourcing and software development fields doubling their contribution to the sector over the past year. Kenya’s new Constitution, alongside continued investments in infrastructure and a rapidly growing data segment, provide a stable base on which ICT can continue to lean on, as it moves to become one of the biggest contributors to the Kenyan economy.

Continued focus on creating Africa’s most enabling and competitive ICT environments has driven the Ministry of Information and Communications to develop policies that will lead to the development of a robust and vibrant sector.