2015/16 Yearbook Foreign

Baptism by Fire

As President Uhuru Kenyatta was settling in after being sworn in as President in April 2013, he had to deal with crimes against humanity charges at the International Criminal Court, which were occasioned by the 2007-08 post-election violence. As the first ever elected President facing charges at The Hague-based court, President Uhuru had the rare oddity of having to discharge his duties while fighting off such crimes.

Perhaps more disconcerting and deeply painful at a personal level, where the not-too-kind private and public ridicule by key Western powers and personalities, despite his call for fair treatment and conclusion of the cases instead of condemnation without a fair hearing. He had vowed to clear his name, in what he described as a personal challenge.

These charges were later dropped for lack of enough evidence in December 2014 despite spirited and all most too partisan Western support. These were painful and glaring allegations for all to see, not only at the global arena but also in Kenya.