2011/2012 Yearbook Devolution

43. Homa Bay

Located in the now defunct Nyanza Province, it borders Lake Victoria to the west and north, and the following counties: Kisumu and Kericho to the north east, Nyamira and Kisii to the east and Migori to the south.




Temperatures range from a mean annual minimum of 17.1°C to a mean maxi- mum of 34.8°C, with rainfall amounts of between 250mm and 700mm per annum.

Road Network

Bitumen surface (101.8km), gravel sur- face (415.4km), earth surface (604.6km)

Key national monument(s)

Ruma National Park and Tom Mboya Mausoleum


963,794 people

Population density: 303 people per km2

National percentage: 2.5 per cent

Annual growth rate: 2.7 per cent

Government County capital: Homa Bay Town (Pro- posed)

Constituencies: Rongo, Awendo, Migori East, Migori West, Uriri, Nyatike, Kuria East and Kuria West


Poverty level: 50.2 per cent

Resources: Water, arable land, livestock, pasture, wildlife

Tourist attractions: Ruma National Park, Winam Gulf of Lake Victoria, Rusinga and Mfangano Islands, Kanjera Archaeological site, Volcanic Lake Simbi Nyaima in Karachuonyo, Mt Homa

Main economic activities/industries: Fishing and fish trade, fish processing, commercial businesses

Agricultural products: Maize, millet, cassava, sunflower


Number of institutions (2007): Primary 1,000, Secondary 235

Enrollment: Primary 283,162, Secondary 31,317

Tertiary: More than 20, which includes a university campus, medical training college, farmers training college, youth polytechnic, and several commercial colleges.


Health facilities: 164 – Four District Hospitals, sub-district hospitals (7), dispensaries (88), health centres (38), medical clinics (14), vct centres (7) and other