2011/2012 Yearbook Devolution

41. Siaya

The County borders Busia County to the north, Kakamega to the north east, Vihiga to the east, Kisumu to the south east, with lake Victoria to the south and west




Has an annual rainfall of between 1,170 mm and 1,450 mm with a mean annual temperature of 21.75 0C and a range of 15 0C and 30 0C.

Key national monument(s)

Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Museum.

Population 842,304 (Male – 47 per cent, Female – 53 per cent) Population density: 332 people per Km 2 National percentage: 2.2 per cent


County capital: Siaya Town (proposed)

Constituencies: Ugenya, Ugunja, Alego Usonga, Gem, Bondo and Rarieda


Poverty level: 57.9 per cent (Rural) and 37.9 (Urban) for Siaya District (2002) Resources: Agricultural land, fisheries, indigenous forests, rivers, timber

Tourist attractions: Yala Swamp and Wetlands, Ndanu Falls, Lake Kanyaboli and Lake Victoria.

Main economic activities/industries: Subsistence farming, livestock keeping, fishing, rice farming and small scale trading


Number of institutions (2007): Primary (656), Secondary (148)

Enrolment: Primary 259,545, Secondary 22,042